Sunday, 16 October 2011

Brighton Yoga Classes

Brighton yoga classes had a top day to day... we went to a teachers and trainees day where everyone from our school got together to talk about and share their teaching styles and top tips of how to come into poses, and special techniques for maintaining the energy and enthusiasm so as to keep everything fresh and new even with poses we've been doing daily for yrs.
Brighton yoga classes got stuck into using chairs and blocks for some poses and became more aware of how to counter balance Brighton yoga classes hyper extending elbow and knee joints. Brighton yoga classes really loved trying downward dog a different way by putting your feet up the wall and found this helped to get more extension in the lumbar spine and spine in general.
everyone took a dish to share for lunch, Brighton yoga classes made some houmous which went down a treat along with all the other lovely healthy meals everyone bought. Brighton yoga classes particularly enjoyed the tofu and seaweed salad that Fiona made..yum! going to get the recipe and will post it on here when i do - got to spread the love!

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