Wednesday, 9 November 2011

brighton yoga classes

Brighton yoga classes offer a tranquil space in your hectic week to come back to yourself – Brighton yoga classes help to create a balanced and calming energy that will have positive effects on other areas of your life. we spend so much of our time now a days running around dividing our energy in many different directions causing stress on the body and for the mind and soul. Hectic lives means hectic nervous systems. Brighton yoga classes brings your body, brain and breath back together in one flowing, calm system.

Brighton yoga classes has been further developing the website and uploading some more pictures - this time with people in poses (asanas) to give a flavor of what to expect from going to a yoga class with Brighton and hove yoga classes.

Brighton yoga classes is looking forward to the partners yoga workshop this weekend where we can learn loads of different ways of doing yoga with a partner - I'm nursing a delicate hamstring at the moment after having some sports massage therapy on Monday so I'm hoping my yoga buddy will go gently on me!! Injuries i always realize are a great way for you to really experience some of the yogic philosophy about being gentle and not grasping or forcing things - being sensitive to your body - tuning in to yourself more- having an injury means that you have to be more present to what your doing and moving with awareness which in a way can be seen as a gift rather than a hindrance.

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